Youth Corner

I received the following prayer request from a high school student who calls himself Jr. Believer.  As you pray for him and all the others affected by this incident to be healed in body, soul and mind, let his story witness to your own life.  The entire Bible, according to Jesus, can be summed up in love of God and love of your neighbor.  What love is there in driving drunk and causing untold grief to others?  How this young man must wish he had never taken even the first drink!  11 Whoredom and wine and new wine take away the heart.  Hosea 4:11 - and sound reasoning (Prov 20:1; Rom 13:13-14).  The young drunk driver now has to live the rest of his life with the guilt of the pain he has caused to others and will likely suffer pending legal action.

    Friday night a bunch of my friends were driving home from a party.  They all graduated from my school last year and are attending local colleges right now.  Two guys were in the first car, and three people in the car behind.  On their way home they reached a dangerous intersection and when the first car went to turn, a drunk driver hit the first car head on.  The driver of the car turning was killed in a matter of moments.  His best friend in the car behind them went to him begging him to be okay, but died in his arms. The passanger of the first car was let out of ICU yesterday and is now in critical condition.  He lives across the street from me and it's very scary to see this  knowing I had just seen them a few days earlier. The drunk driver was a stupid 16 yr old who had just gotten his liscense and had gotten drunk. . . . His girlfriend also died.  How on earth this makes sense is beyond me.  My friend, Matt, who died was sober, doing the speed limit, everything fine.  Now his sister who is in my class has to deal with this.  I can't understand why something so cruel could happen to someone so sweet.  I feel like I'm living a real life soap opera.  This guy was the coolest, and now he's gone.  His best friend had to witness the whole thing and how he's coping is beyond me.  Please send out a prayer . . . .


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