Questions From the Bible

1.  At which temple gate did Peter and John heal a cripple? (a) Fountain; (b) Beautiful; (c) Sheep; (d) Horse (Acts 3:2)

2.  What was Lot to Abraham? (a) Cousin; (b) Uncle; (c) Friend; (d) Nephew (Gen. 11:27)

3.  Whose ships were wrecked because he made an alliance with King Ahaziah? (a) Jehoshaphats; (b) Asas; (c) Abijahs; (d) Solomons (2 Chr 20:37)

4.  Where did Abraham bury Sarah after she died? (a) Cave in Machpelah; (b) Ur of the Chaldees; (c) Beersheba; (d) Egypt (Gen 23:19)

5.  With what was Jesus crowned when the soldiers mocked him? (a) Thorns; (b) Twigs; (c) Silver; (d) Gold (Mark 15:17)

6.  Who was the commander that arrested Paul during the riot in Jerusalem? (a) Sergius Paulus; (b) Claudius Lysias; (c) Felix; (d) Eligius (Acts 24:7)

7.  How many lamps were on the stand which Moses was to place in the Tabernacle? (a) 5; (b) 6; (c) 7; (d) 8 (Exo 25:37)

8.  Who had a son named Maher-shalal-hash-baz?  (a) Isaiah; (b) Jeremiah; (c) Ezekiel; (d) Hosea (Isaiah 8:3)

9.  Where did Jesus heal blind Bartimeus?  (a) Jerusalem; (b) Bethlehem; (c) Jericho; (4) Behthsaida (Mark 10:46)

10.  In Revelation, what happened when the angel poured out the first bowl of Gods wrath?  (a) The sea turned to blood; (b) There were painful sores; (c) Rivers turned to blood; (d) The sun scorched people (Rev 16:2)


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