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"Missionaries have got to go!"
Undated CSI
India. Christians are being slandered and attacked by Hindu extremists as never before. In March 1998, the current government composed of Hindu parties took office. Since that time, there have been over 200 attacks on Christians and their facilities - approximately six times as many as between 1947 (independence from Britain) and the beginning of 1998!
'Metric martyr' in court for test case
15 Jan 2001 ITN
An important battle about the power of Europe to decide British law began in the unlikely venue of Sunderland civic centre. The case centred on a local green grocer being prosecuted for selling fruit and vegetables in pounds and ounces, not kilos and grammes. The court case has been billed as British law versus Euro legislation.
'Not guilty' for opposing 'diversity' sticker
16 Jan 2001 WND
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., U.S.A. A 30-year police veteran in Traverse City, Mich., has been found not guilty of breaking the law by having publicly expressed his disapproval of the city's now-discontinued "diversity" sticker campaign, modeled after a "rainbow" theme commonly used by homosexual groups.
Afghanistan Imposes Death Penalty
8 Jan 2001 AP (Yahoo! News)
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - Afghanistan's Taliban rulers on Monday imposed the death penalty for anyone who converts from Islam to another religion. Any non-Muslim found trying to win converts will also be killed.
Anti-Christian bigotrymoves front and center
19 Jan 2001 WND Commentary by Joseph Farah
The centerpiece of the attack on the confirmation of John Ashcroft as attorney general is anti-Christian bigotry -- pure and simple.
Ashcroft hearings end quietly, but partisan divisions remain strong
20 Jan 2001 Post-Dispatch Washingtion bureau
WASHINGTON - The hearings on John Ashcroft's nomination to be attorney general sputtered to a close Friday, with one last parade of witnesses probing his record on civil rights, gun control and other issues.
Ashcroft opponents' tactics predicted by George Orwell
20 Jan 2001 BP
McMINNVILLE, Ore. (BP) -- In 1949, George Orwell, an English author whose real name was Eric Blair, painted a grim picture of human society's future in his famous book "1984."
Baptist Temple rejects militia's intervention
20 Jan 2001 WND
Church 'disappointed and grieved' at group's plan for 'unsolicited actions'
Bin Laden after chemical, nuclear weapons - [16/01/2001] - The Hindustan Times
16 January 2001 The Hindustan Times
New York, NY, U.S.A. SAUDI DISSIDENT Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda group operates about a dozen Afghan camps that have trained as many as 5,000 militants who have created cells in 50 countries, the New York Times newspaper reported on Monday quoting intelligence sources.
Bombing suspect points to Muslim guerrillas
10 Jan 2001 The Times of India
MANILA, Philippines: A suspect in a spate of deadly holiday bombings in Manila claimed Tuesday that a Muslim separatist guerrilla bought a car which was blown up at the capital's international airport.
Bush Booed by Protesters, Nine Arrested
20 Jan 2001 Reuters (My AltaVista)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Thousands of noisy demonstrators lined rain-soaked streets on Saturday to boo George W. Bush's inauguration, chanting ``Hail to the Thief'' as they championed causes from abortion to electoral rights.
China develops anti-satellite weapon
19 Jan 2001 WND
Low-cost but lethal śparasitic' space technology successfully tested.
CSI - Press Releases
8 - 17 Jan 2001 CSI
8 Jan: First Slave Raids of 2001 - Sudan. Government forces enslave 72 black African women and children in Southern Sudan. 17 Jan: Sudanese Government Troops Enslave 103 Black Africans - Armed forces of the Government of Sudan (GOS) have once again enslaved at least 103 black African women and children during coordinated raids on the villages of Chelkou and Mabior in Aweil West County, Southern Sudan.
Delay may make Metric Martyr an election issue
18 Jan 2001 Telegraph
Judges need time to review complex constitutional issues
Garden of Eden in Turkey, says Bible scholar
11 Jan 2001 National Post
A California based Biblical scholar, who recently found what may be the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah at the bottom of the Dead Sea, claims to have used satellite photographs from the U.S. space agency to locate the Garden of Eden - in eastern Turkey.
Indonesian police fire warning shots outside courtroom
19 Jan 2001 The Times of India
JAKARTA, Indonesia: Police fired warning shots at stone throwing protesters outside a trial of three Christians accused of provoking bloody sectarian riots in central Indonesian, news reports said Thursday.
Undated CSI
The complete subjugation of all peoples to the rule of Allah in Islam whether by peaceful or violent means. All Muslims are called to jihad - without exception.
Massive Islamization by decree
16 Jan 2001 CSI
Nigeria. Eight states have introduced the sharia, Islamic law, as rule of law. Three additional states intend to do the same. Christians are increasingly being discriminated against, and the central government appears helpless.
Mob stones church on Indonesia's Java island
10 Jan 2001 The Times of India
JAKARTA, Indonesia: About 100 people threw stones Tuesday at an empty church on Indonesia's main island of Java, police said.
Religious leaders, congressmen urge Christians to pray for new president
19 Jan 2001 BP
WASHINGTON (BP)--A group of Christian leaders and congressmen gathered Jan. 19 in the Library of Congress to encourage Christians to pray for President-elect George W. Bush and his family.
The true hypocrisy
20 Jan 2001 WND Commentary
Exclusive: Jerry Falwell compares Jackson coverage with Ashcroft
Three killed in fresh religious fighting in Indonesia
12 Jan 2001 The Times of India
Two men died when Muslims and Christian mobs battled in the streets following a traffic accident in the provincial capital of Ambon, said John Tomasoa, a spokesman for the local government.
Tony Blair's 'pink lobby'
Undated WND
LONDON, England. Homosexuals in UK propose teaching about anal sex to 4-year-olds.
Who's Afraid of Christians? The Media, It Seems
18 Jan 2001 Fox News Watch Commentary by Eric Burns
I am not afraid of Christians. I do not cower when they approach. I do not snicker when they speak. One reason is that I am old enough to remember when calling someone a Christian was to compliment him, not to apply tar and feathers. Another is that I recall how the term became a pejorative.
Wicca Stories Are "Bunk," Historians Say
Undated Religion Today
The supposedly "ancient" stories on which Wicca is based are almost certainly bunk, historians say.
Yemen Fear of Western Attacks Grows
11 Jan 2001 AP (Yahoo! News)
ADEN, Yemen (AP) - Aden's Christ Church, presided over by an American pastor, has always taken security seriously - kidnapping foreigners and ransoming them for vehicles or services from the Yemeni government is practically a tribal tradition.



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