Questions From the Bible

1.  Who was once called "Jupiter"?

a. Paul
b. Barnabas
c. Peter
d. None of the above

Reference: Acts 14:12

2.  Who said to Paul, "Hast thou appealed unto Caesar? unto Caesar shalt thou go"?

a. Agrippa
b. Felix
c. Festus
d. Bernice

Reference: Acts 25:12

3.  Who was once called "Mercury"?

a. Barnabas
b. Peter
c. John
d. Paul

Reference: Acts 14:12

4.  Who accompanied King Agrippa when he came unto Caesarea to salute Festus?

a. Bernice
b. Felix
c. Drusilla
d. Pilate

Reference:  Acts 25:13

5.  Who was the Roman commander at Jerusalem who sent Paul to Felix the governor?

a. Claudius Lysias
b. Cornelius
c. Aristarchus
d. Lucius of Trachaea

Reference: Acts 23:26

6.  Who had authority from the chief priests to bind all men and women that called upon the name of Jesus?

a. Jesus
b. Saul
c. Pilate
d. Herod

Reference: Acts 9:14

7.  Where did Paul dwell for "two whole years in his own hired house, . . . preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ"?

a. Antioch
b. Jerusalem
c. Rome
d. Smyrna

Reference: Acts 28:16-30

8.  When Saul came to Jerusalem after his conversion, who showed boldness and brought Saul before the fearful disciples?

a. Apollos
b. Ananias
c. Barnabas
d. Peter

Reference:  Acts 9:27

9.  Whose death was Peter referring to when he said, "(He) falling headlong, . . . burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out"?

a. Judas Iscariot's
b. Herod the tetrarch's
c. Pontius Pilate's
d. Ananias'

Reference: Acts 1:16-18

10.  When the church at Jerusalem heard the news that many in Antioch believed and turned to the Lord, they sent which disciple there to exhort them?

a. Paul
b. Barnabas
c. Titus
d. James

Reference Acts 11:22-23


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