Questions From the Bible

1.  Which epistle did Paul write to the owner of a runaway slave?  (a) Romans; (b) Titus; (c) Galatians (d) Pheilemon  (The Bible)

2.  Who was Solomonís mother? (a) Bathseba; (b) Abigail; (c) Michal; (d) Abishag  (1 Ki 1:11)

3.  Who was Mosesí father?  (a) Uzziel; (b) Amram; (c) Gershom; (d) Eleazer  (Num 26:59)

4.  How did the woman in Revelation escape from the dragon?  (a) She flew; (b) She ran; (c) She swam; (d) She was caught up into heaven  (Rev 12:14)

5.  The sign that led Jesusí disciples to the house where they partook of the last supper?  (a) Colt tied to a post; (b) A street address; (c) Home of Mary and Martha; (d) Man with a water pitcher  (Luke 22:10)

6.  Where was the birthplace of Jesus?  (a) Bethany; (b) Bethlehem; (c) Jerusalem; (d) Nazareth  (Luke 2:4)

7.  How many years, in all, did Jacob work for Laban to obtain Rachel for his wife?  (a) 4; (b) 10; (c) 14; (d) 16  (Gen 29)

8.  Who did not listen to John the Baptist? (a) Chief priests and elders; (b) Tax collectors; (c) Prostitutes; (d) Sinners; (e) All of the above  (Matt 21:23-32)

9.  Whose mother asked Jesus to grant her sons places at his right and left?  (a) Peter and Andrew; (b) Philip and Bartholomew; (c) Nathaniel and Nicodemus; (d) James and John; (e) None of the above  (Matt 20:20-21)

10.  Where was blind Bartimaeus healed?  (a) Jerusalem; (b) Bethlehem; (c) Jericho; (d) Bethsaida (Mark 10:46)

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