1.  Name Priscilla’s wife.  (d) None of the above  (Acts 18:2)

2.  What city was known as the temple keeper of the goddess Diana?  (a) Ephesus  (Acts 19:35)

3.  Who became very hungry while he was praying on a housetop?  (a) Peter  (Acts 10:9-10)

4.  Who called for Paul and Barnabas on the isle of Paphos, desiring to hear the word of God from them?  (c) Sergius Paulus  (Acts 13:7)

5.  Who “had four daughters, virgins, which did prophesy”?  (b) Philip  (Acts 21:8)

6.  In what city was Peter when he fell into a trance and saw a vessel like a sheet descended from heaven?  (c) Joppa  (Acts 11:5)

7.  How many men were chosen to minister to the widows so that the apostles would be free for the ministry of the word and prayer?  (c) 7  (Acts 6:3)

8.  Name Aquila’s wife.  (b) Priscilla  (Acts 18:2)

9.  Who was Peter referring to when he said that this man had not “ascended into the heavens”?  (a) David  (Acts 2:34)

10.  When Philip the evangelist went to Samaria, what exactly did he preach there?  (d) All of the above things  (Acts 8:4-14)

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