Questions From the Bible

1. According to Leviticus, the Jubilee Year requires . . . ? (a) The celebration of the Exodus; (b) The return of property; (c) Ritual Purification; (d) The animal sacrifice (Lev 25:8-12)

2. Which king’s hand shriveled up when he pointed to a prophet he wanted murdered? (1) Jeroboam; (2) Rehoboam; (3) Shemaiah; (4) Josiah (1 Ki 13:4)

3. Where did Aaron die? (a) Mt. Sinai; (b) Mt. Hor; (c) The Jordan; (d) Cave of Machpelah (Num 20:25)

4. What did Jesus say is the light of the body? (a) Ear; (b) Mouth; (c) Eye; (d) Heart (Mat 6:22)

5. Which Samaritan was known as the “great power?” (a) Simon; (b) Barjesus; (c) Elymas; (d) Jannes (Acts 8:9+)

6. How did Moab inflict damage on Israel? (a) By the sword; (b) By poison; (c) By seducing them; (d) By cursing them (Num 25)

7. Which Psalm is an acrostic poem in Hebrew? (8 verses for each letter) (a) Psalm 23; (b) Psalm 119; (c) Psalm 129; (d) Psalm 150; (e) None of the above (Gen Bible reading)

8. Where was the Isle of Patmos located?  (a) Crete; (b) Malta; (c) Cyprus; (d) Sicily (Gen Bible knowledge)

9. Who was "the voice of one crying in the wilderness"? (a) James; (b) John the Baptist; (c) Isaiah; (d) Paul (Luke 3:3)

10. Who was Felix’s wife? (a) Lydia; (b) Joanna; (c) Tryphena; (d) Drusilla; (e) All of the above (Acts 24:24)

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