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'The Abolition of Britain'
21 Jan 2001 WND
Geoff Metcalf interviews author Peter Hitchens on the end of England. Note the parallels with the U.S. You can loose your freedom America!!!
1930 Moslem Council: Jewish Temple Mount ties 'beyond dispute'
26 Jan 2001 The Jerusalem Post
JERUSALEM - Although Islamic Wakf officials are currently denying any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, a 1930 booklet about the site published by the supreme Moslem body in Jerusalem during the British Mandate states categorically that the site's identification with the First Temple is "beyond dispute."
60 White House PCs sabotaged
26 Jan 2001 WND
Most computer, phone damage occurred in Gore's old offices
Abortion activists on both sides gird for battle under Bush presidency
22 Jan 2001
Abortion-rights supporters are finding themselves on tough terrain for today's 28th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion, as abortion foes are energized by the suddenly changed political landscape.
Amazon report is 'flawed futurology'
23 Jan 2001 BBC News
A scientific report predicting the loss of huge amounts of the Amazon forest by 2020 is based on unreliable facts and "ecological futurology", Brazil's science and technology ministry says.
Ashcroft opponents receive federal funds
22 Jan 2001 WND
Millions in taxpayer dollars have been funneled to nonprofits
Ashcroft opposition to homosexual defended
26 Jan 2001 WND
Group distributes sexual coloring book available at Hormel Center
Beijing using front companies to grab U.S. arms technology
26 Jan 2001 The Washington Times
China is buying U.S. weapons technology illegally through front companies in Hong Kong and Singapore, U.S. intelligence officials said.
Bush calls Jackson, says 'You are in my prayers'
22 Jan 2001 Fox News
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush was among many well-wishers who contacted the Rev. Jesse Jackson last week as Jackson grappled with the revelation that he fathered a daughter through an extramarital affair with an aide.
Bush Considers Tripp Hire
21 Jan 2001 Drudge Report
"Moving quickly upon taking office, President George W. Bush on Saturday issued an order that blocked many of the last-minute executive orders and rules laid down by outgoing President Clinton. But one controversial Clinton action has caused a deep divide inside of Bush's inner circle: Whether to rehire Linda Tripp!"
Bush Labor Pick Encounters No Opposition at Hearing
24 Jasn 2001 Reuters
WASHINGTON - Labor Secretary-designate Elaine Chao breezed through a friendly confirmation hearing on Wednesday, stepping through a minefield of hot-button issues with commitments to do little more than to keep an open mind.
Charters of 8 Cub Packs not renewed by Boy Scouts
27 Jan 2001 Chicago Tribune
Boy Scouts of America has declined to renew the charters of eight Oak Park Cub Scout packs whose anti-discrimination policies clashed with the Scouts' mandate of banning gays from leadership positions.
Chief Rabbi: Israel erred with Temple Mount
23 Jan 2001 The Jerusalem Post
Israel made a historic mistake when it handed control of the Temple Mount to Moslems after the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel's chief Ashkenazi rabbi said.
China vs. the Internet
24 Jan 2001 WND
Journalist group reports on struggle for press freedom in communist nation
Clinton aides accused of theft, vandalism
26 Jan 2001 - The Washington Times
What began three days ago as a story about "pranks" blossomed yesterday into an account of serious vandalism and thievery at the White House by embittered Clinton administration employees.
Clintons leave with gifts worth $190,000
22 Jan 2001 The Irish Times
Furnishing two new homes from scratch is no joke, but the former First Couple have no problems on that score, writes Patrick Smyth
Congregation in Steelville, Mo., intends to keep the faith after series of attacks on church building
22 Jan 2001
A fire that investigators believe was started by arsonists caused $800,000 in damage to the church last week.
Democrats Force Ashcroft Vote Delay
24 Jan 2001 AP
WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee forced a one-week delay Wednesday in voting on Attorney General-designate John Ashcroft with one panel member, Sen. Dianne Feinstein announcing her opposition to the nominee.
Democrats say Ashcroft's written answers are evasive
27 Jan 2001
WASHINGTON - Touching on everything from antitrust policy to tobacco litigation, John Ashcroft submitted a stack of answers to more than 350 questions posed by the senators who will vote next week on his nomination to be U.S. attorney general.
Dig at holy site halted as key talks continue
23 Jan 2001
Muslim authorities have been ordered to stop excavations at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that is also holy to Jews and has become a key obstacle in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.
EU foreign policy in a muddle, says Solana
23 Jan 2001 London Telegraph
THE European Union's efforts to take charge of foreign policy have been paralysed by muddled thinking, empty rhetoric and lack of follow-through, according to a confidential memorandum submitted to foreign ministers yesterday.
Fischer told to tone down Euro speech
23 Jan 2001 Daily Tellegraph
THE Government has urged Joschka Fischer, the German Foreign Minister, not to use a visit to London tomorrow to make a provocative speech in favour of a federal Europe, which could harm Labour's election prospects. Senior officials have told their Berlin counterparts that such a speech by Europe's most prominent federalist could cause a Eurosceptic backlash. It could undermine Tony Blair's efforts to prevent Europe, particularly the euro, from becoming an election issue.
Group dishes up hot pro-gun ads
25 Jan 2001 WND
"A California-based gun-rights organization says it is proud of its accomplishments since beginning operations 15 months ago and is planning to bring its unique message supporting gun rights to more Americans in 2001, but said its success has been tempered by the strength and financing of major anti-gun groups."
Hague prosecutor threatens sanctions
26 Jan 2001 WND
BELGRADE, Yugoslavia - Says Kostunica 'can and must change his mind' on cooperation with tribunal
Heritage to close odd Hong Kong shop
24 Jan 2001 WND
Office's purpose a mystery to insiders, along with Chao's $210,000-a-year role
Kissinger urges Bush to shore up Nato
26 Jan 2001 Telegraph
Fears that the European defence force could undermine Nato are growing in America with senior Republicans advising President Bush to act swiftly to shore up the transatlantic alliance.
Legal group files complaint against Hillary
27 Jan 2001 WND
Judicial Watch questions Clinton's 'haul' of personal gifts
Letter 'W' Goes Missing From White House Keyboards
24 Jan 2001 Reuters
WASHINGTON Call it the strange case of the missing Ws.
Life with Beijing's bruisers
24 Jan 2001 WND
Exclusive Commentary. Anthony LoBaido's in-depth look at the other evil empire
Lords may revolt over human cloning
22 Jan 2001 ITN
UK - The House of Lords is set to debate plans to legalise human cloning, and may stage a revolt against the Government led by religious leaders.
Man who fought exclusion of gays in scouts is denied Eagle Scout membership
24 Jan 2001 Sun-Sentinel
A Fort Lauderdale man who has been active in protesting the Boy Scouts of America's policy of excluding gays has been denied membership in the National Eagle Scout Association.
Pakistan freezes Osama's accounts, distances itself from Taliban
26 Jan 2001 The Hindustan Times
PAKISTAN - Distancing itself from the Taliban, Pakistan has sealed its border with Afghanistan, directed banks to freeze Osama bin Laden's assets and ordered immediate closure of all offices of the Taliban and Afghan Airlines Ariana.
Pakistan orders closure of Taliban offices
21 Jan 2001 The Times of India
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has ordered immediate closure of all offices of Taliban militia and Afghan Airlines Ariana besides freezing assets of Saudi terrorist Osmana bin Laden in compliance with UN sanctions against Afghanistan, media reports said here on Sunday.
Pakistan orders Taliban out
22 Jan 2001 The Hindustan Times
PAKISTAN HAS ordered immediate closure of all offices of the Taliban militia and Afghan airlines Ariana. The assets of Saudi terrorist Osama bin Laden have also been frozen in compliance with the UN sanctions against Afghanistan, media reports said here on Sunday.
Powell reaffirms Taiwan arms sales
26 Jan 2001 Taipei Times
The new US secretary of state dropped in on the Chinese ambassador, saying once more that the US would honor arms sales commitments to Taiwan
Putin Dismisses Nato Expansion
26 Jan 2001 Washington Post
MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin set a gloomy tone Friday for relations with the new U.S. administration, bluntly dismissing NATO's eastward expansion as a "mistake" and warning that Russia expected America to work to preserve the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty.
Ray shuts down Project X probe
27 Jan 2001 WND
Independent counsel closes investigation into missing White House e-mails, threats
Saddam has made two atomic bombs
28 Jan 2001 Telegraph
SADDAM HUSSEIN has two fully operational nuclear bombs and is working to construct others, an Iraqi defector has told The Telegraph.
Saddam rebuilt bombed plants
22 Jan 2001 The New York Times
Iraq reconstructs factories U.S. thinks produce chemical, biological weapons
Schröder launches Brussels offensive
24 Jan 2001 The Scotsman Online
GERMANY, ploughing ahead with plans to strip EU members of sovereign decision-making, will throw its weight behind federalist plans at the Strasbourg summit with France in a weekÆs time. Berlin is expressing confidence and flexing new-found muscle as its economy perks up and the status of its post-war relationship with France is redefined. Its new drive for a Europe governed from Brussels shows scant regard for Britain and other countries that continue to voice fears of national sovereignty being subsumed beneath a rising tide of Eurocracy.
Senate Must Rebuke Extremist Opposition To Ashcroft And Bush
23 Jan 2001 Traditional Values Coalition
Washington, D.C. - The U.S. Senate has an historic opportunity to take a stand against intolerance, racism, and anti-Christian bigotry directed at President George Bush and Attorney General Designate John Ashcroft.
Senate Must Reject Racism And Anti-Christian Bigotry Against John Ashcroft
22 Jan 2001 Traditional Values Coalition
Washington, DC -- TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty is calling upon members of the U.S. Senate to reject attempts by liberal groups to paint John Ashcroft as a racist. She is also asking Senators to rebuke liberal activists who are using John AshcroftÆs Christian faith as a reason to reject his nomination.
Senators Attack Ashcroft On James Hormel Nomination
23 Jan 2001 Traditional Values Coalition
Washington, D.C. - The U.S. Senate has an historic opportunity to take a stand against intolerance, racism, and anti-Christian bigotry directed at President George Bush and Attorney General Designate John Ashcroft.
Short hearing expected for Chao
24 Jan 2001 WND
No opposition anticipated for nominee with Chinagate connections
Sodomites declare war on Boy Scouts
Jan/Feb 2001 Chick Battle Cry
This war is being conducted on many fronts. Their intent is to use federal, state and local laws against discrimination to limit Boy Scout troupes' access to public funding and use of public facilities.
The Clinton's Clearout
22 Jan 2001 Drudge Report
"Take $200,000 worth of White House furnighings"
U.S. forces continue deployments?
25 Jan 2001 WND
Fears of Mideast conflict reportedly driving 'training exercises'
U.S. forces placed on alert - Patriot anti-missile battery deployed to Israel
26 Jan 2001 World Tribune
WASHINGTON - The United States has sent a Patriot anti-missile defense battery to Israel amid heightened concerns of a Middle East war.
White house offices left 'trashed'
24 Jan 2001 Associated Newspapers Ltd
Porn bombs, lewd messages; legal probe considered
White House offices left 'trashed': Porn bombs, lewd messages; legal probe considered
24 Jan 2001 Drudge Report
The Bush Administration has quietly launched an investigation into apparent acts of vandalism and destruction of federal property -- after incoming Bush staffers discover widespread sabotage of White House office equipment and lewd messages left behind by previous tenants!
White house trashing
25 Jan 2001 Drudge Report
Bush orders 'no prosecutions'; damage estimates top $200,000
Who is Elaine Chao?
22 Jan 2001 WND Commentary
If you wonder why the Clinton "Chinagate" scandal didn't rise to the magnitude of "Monica-gate," the nomination of Elaine Chao as secretary of labor may provide part of the answer.



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