Questions From the Bible

1.  Which prophet berated the Jews for offering blemished sacrifices?  (a) Malachi; (b) Jonah; (c) Nahua; (d) Haggai.(. . . 1:8)

2.  What is the longest Psalm?  (a) The 23rd; (b) The 36th; (c) The 119th; (d) The 147th.  (The Bible)

3.  With what was Jesus crowned when the soldiers mocked him?  (a) Thorns; (b) Twigs; (c) Silver; (d) Gold.  (Mat 27:29)

4.  What was the mission that God sent Jonah on, which he refused to go?  (a) Prophesy to Ninevah; (b) Prophesy to the inhabitants of Judah; (c) Pray for the peace of king Ahab; (d) Hide a scroll in a clay jar beside the river.  (Jonah 1:2)

5.  At the departing of Elijah, God had already chosen another to replace him.  Who was he?  (a) Caleb; (b) Joshua; (c) Elisha; (d) Eli; (e) Nathan.  (2 Ki. 2:11)

6.  How did Moab inflict damage on Israel?  (a) By the sword; (b) By poison; (c) By seducing them; (d) By cursing them.  (Num 25:1)

7.  Which book follows Daniel?  (a) Hosea; (b) Job; (c) Amos; (d) Obadiah.  (The Bible)

8.  What item of clothing did Paul tell Timothy to bring with him?  (a) Belt; (b) Cloak; (c) Sandals; (d) Hat.  (2 Tim 4:13)

9.  Where did Aaron die?  (a) Mt. Sinai; (b) Mt. Hor; (c) The Jordan; (d) Cave of Machpelah.  (Num. 20:25)

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